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5 Most Awaited Games of 2022

Posted on January 19, 2022 by Riley Cashly

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Last year gave us a lot of small and interesting games, but AAA projects didn’t come to fruition. Some fell victim to their own ambitions, some got hit by the pandemic and remote work, a lot of games were postponed until 2022. But now, it doesn’t seem to be any problem, because now all these games are waiting for us, and some of them will be released even faster than you spend your Cookie Casino bonus.

Elden Ring

The most anticipated game by The Game Awards two years in a row. In small steps, Hidetaka Miyazaki continues to develop his own formula for the perfect game. In Elden Ring, players expect a truly open and yet not a small world, many bosses, dungeons, and countless amounts of death, pain, and suffering.

The formula of “Open world like Skyrim and everything else like Dark Souls” may refresh the storytelling and exploration elements of open-world games. Even if FromSoftware and George Martin don’t come out with a revolution, we’ll get another good game in the Souls series, there’s no doubt about that.

Hogwarts Legacy

It’s strange that the Wizarding World universe hasn’t had a game released in the last ten years. There have been a few projects for mobile platforms and re-releases of old Lego games, but no full-fledged big projects have been released since 2011.

The events of Hogwarts Legacy take place in the end of XIX century, in the game we will be offered to create our own character, choose our favorite department and pass the course of studying at the school of magic and wizardry. New knowledge we will apply in practice during the exploration of the castle of the school and its surroundings.

The Callisto Protocol

Glen Schofield left Sledgehammer Games after years of work on Call of Duty, created a new studio and is now making a Dead Space heir concept in the PUBG: Battlegrounds universe. Yes, the last fact is a little shocking, which makes it even more interesting, as shown in the trailer clashes with the Battle Royale from PUBG Corporation.

Little is known about the game. Events take place in 2320 on one of Jupiter’s satellites, Callisto, where the Black Iron prison colony is attacked by an unknown life form. Playing as one of the prisoners, we will try to survive and find out the reason for the attack, the mystery of the colony and, of course, what secrets are hidden in the second largest satellite of Jupiter.

Crossfire X

For the most part, we’re waiting for CrossfireX for the story mode, which is being worked on by Remedy Entertainment, the authors of Alan Wake and Control. There will be two major operations available at launch, each consisting of several episodes. At the center of the story is a conflict between two military private corporations, we will play for both sides in turn.

Remedy is on the rise, a lot of projects are in the works and we want to believe that none of them will suffer in terms of quality, especially since CrossfireX is a little different from what the developers have done before. If you’re not interested in the story mode, CrossfireX is also a team-based f2p shooter most similar to CS:GO.

Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League

The events of Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League take place in the Batman: Arkham universe. A supervillain captures the minds of the people of Earth, and the members of the Justice League fall under his influence. Amanda Waller assembles the Suicide Squad and sends them out to massacre former superheroes.

You can take control of one of four anti-heroes: Harley Quinn, Deadshot, Captain Boomerang and King Shark, each with their own abilities. You can play the game alone or with three other friends. According to the first frames the gameplay reminds of Sunset Overdrive from Insomniac Games.

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