6 million ways to die, but 50 BILLION ways to play Battleborn…literally

Posted on September 29, 2015 by Michael Boccher

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The folks over at Battleborn have provided us some numbers on just how big the game is going to be as well as available combinations in the game. As we know, there are 25 playable characters in the game and each one will have two upgrades on each of their 10 levels. Simple math, well not so simple if you didn’t take AP Calculus like me but, it comes out to be 1,024 possible different ways to play each character. Basically, 10 levels with 2 skills in each makes it 210 which comes out to be the 1,024. Easy right?

it’s not just that. There are also 7,776 different combinations per hero if you include the 5 alternate skills each one has and then when you add that to 5 player co-op it gets really fun with a whopping 6,375,600 cooperatively gigantic possibilities. Ok, here’s the big one. If you add up the 7,776 combos for each and the 6,375,600 for each co-op match, it equates to a universe shattering 49,576,665,600 combinations. Yes, that’s 49 BILLION chances so the odds of you having the same game more than once is basically not going to happen. If you think that’s high, all your betting people out there will be interested to know that getting a perfect NCAA March Madness bracket comes out to be a one in 9 QUINTILLION chance of getting it right. Seriously. Don’t believe me? Go add it up 264 . It’s ok, I’ll wait.

That’s a whole lot of Battleborn as the trailer included below says. Take a look and let us know what you think as Battleborn releases Feb 9th, 2016 on PS4 and Xbox One. Be sure to follow the Battleborn blog for full info as well.

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