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6 Top Gaming Trends in 2021

Posted on February 16, 2018 by Ahmed Riaz

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Undisputedly, the gaming industry witnessed one of its most significant growth surges in the year 2020.  With individuals forced to stay home because of the covid-19 lockdowns, many turned to online and tabletop games for solace. In addition, new technological trends took the industry by storm and stirred up an increased demand never witnessed before.

Thankfully, the industry now burst with endless opportunities as numerous gaming options flood the market. For this reason, we highlight some of the latest gaming trends spreading around like a bushfire.

Video Game Streaming

In recent times, the duration spent on game videos has impressively skyrocketed. Mainly, this is because of the introduction of live streaming, broadcasting tools, and open-source capture. The beauty of modern video streaming is that it is more engaging and creates an epic showdown from awesome theme games.

Moreover, you can connect to the live streams from tablets, smart phones, PCs, and even some TVs. In Rapid casinos, you only need to login in and start playing your favorite games straight away. Once ready, you can get a chance to partake in some of the world-famous game choices like Microgaming, NetEnt, Yggdrasil, and Betsoft.

Cloud-Based Betting

Cloud gaming has witnessed a massive momentum on PCs and consoles lately. More impressive is the recent advent of 5G networks and edge computing that instantly improves the response time for cloud-based games.  In the long run, cloud-based technology opens up an opportunity for developers to create aggregate games rather than the average video content.

On the other hand, players enjoy fewer hardware restrictions which enable them to play games without downloading or installing them. All they need is fast internet and a 5G spread for an unperturbed gaming session.

  1. Virtual Reality (VR)

Over the past few years, experts have entertained the thought of a breakthrough in VR. Years later, VR is steadily making its way into the mainstream, with developers making the technology requisite in the lives of modern gamers.

As we all know, individuals always turn to new and exciting opportunities. With the enhanced game quality associated with VR, the industry provides deeper interaction and full immersion to the audience. In short, VR has the capability of transforming the entire industry to an unimaginable extent.

There is a high likelihood that this progression will swell numbers of players worldwide. Subsequently, this also translates to increased market revenue in the gaming industry.

Mobile Games

The total number of mobile phone users worldwide runs into millions currently. Out of these figures, almost 50% of them use portable devices to play games. Given that gamers spend considerable time with their phones, there is a high probability of higher demand. For this reason, major PC game and console developers are steadily working on releasing games in mobile versions to meet the market needs.

The brighter side of this approach is that it enables gamblers to wagers at their convenience.  Mobile games also demonstrate fierce combat against the monotony created by world-famous gaming developers earlier.  Above all, the innovation cut down on costly hardware and PCs to the delight of mobile users.


With the real-life closure of sports activities during the pandemic, Esports played a significant role in filling the void. Indeed, this is one primary reason why Esports now stands tall amongst leading gaming technologies. Note that, even after live sports slow comeback, Esport prevalence becomes more popular with time.

It is no surprise that experts may use the rising wave to release loads of Esport friendly games in the market. All in all, there is no harm in increased diversification within the gaming industry. As a matter of fact, this translates to a gratifying and immeasurable betting experience.

Upgraded Monthly Subscriptions

Most gaming sites offer free games to new members as bait. Soon, registered members move to the next stage of spending money on the platform through placing bets. Often, there is a monthly subscription that comes with an added advantage. While these subscriptions push away gamers, a huge percentage would not mind spending money on games free from in-game purchases, loot boxes, and ads.

Irrefutably, this allows gamers to enjoy their favorite games with premium access and less distraction. Take into account that subscription services are more relevant to hardcore genres games that require deep concentration. Nonetheless, casual gamers may not benefit much from this platform. Instead, it is prudent for a gambling site to offer free game versions to satisfy a diversified market.

Bottom Line

Without any doubt, the year 2020 holds a special place in the gaming world. In normal circumstances, people going through a rough time subconsciously seek quick distractions. On that note, gambling becomes an ideal source of entertainment capable of bringing in incredible rewards as well. With new trends mushrooming at an alarming rate, it is doubtful that the recent gambling triumph may drift away anytime soon

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