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7 Useful Tips For Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom on Nintendo Switch

Posted on October 25, 2023 by Contributed Post

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While it has been over five months since Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom’s release, the sheer size of the game’s world and its possibilities have meant that many tricks and secrets are yet to be discovered.

Zelda players have taken advantage of the game’s intuitive tools to build exciting things from robots and oil rigs to laser wrestling rings.

Whether you have finished the game once and are out exploring Hyrule again, or want to take it slow until you meet the final boss, the below tips will help you get the most from your game.

1. Watch the Birds

Those flocks of birds in “Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom” you see are more than visual effects. These birds no longer provide Shrine location info, although Lightroot is a good substitute.

Wherever there is a flock of birds, there is usually a point of interest, like a cave, chasm entrance, or enemy camp. Shrines are also points of interest you may find, making areas where you see birds of interest.

2. Stockpile Your Resources

When you explore the map or defeat monsters, you may acquire resources ranging from rare to very common. You can use some more common items to increase your rupee count.

One thing to remember is that the Fuse ability gives these objects more use than in previous versions. You want to be able to balance out selling your resources for different gear with retaining things that provide more usage.

3. Use the Stables to Sleep

The stables are a perfect place to keep your horses and get a rest. If you’ve helped out some of the Hyrule civilians or used the stables, you might be able to sleep here for free.

There is an incentive system for visiting new stables or registering new horses. An item you may receive as a reward is a Sleepover Ticket, which you might receive as a gift for helping others.

4. Use Secondary Abilities

Most of the weapons have secondary abilities besides inflicting damage. For example, swords and other blade-based armaments are perfect for cutting up trees.

Ice and firepower weapons are perfect when you need a weather change, and blunt weapons can substitute for bombs. In a pinch, if your weapons are low in abilities, you might try fusing your objects for more usage.

5. Keep Some Sticky Elixir Around

Sticky Elixir is one of the best ways to keep from slipping off a surface in the rain.

Another advantage of Sticky Elixir is its better grip in wet conditions. Cooking a Sticky Frog with some Monster Parts or a Sticky Lizard is an excellent way to get a Sticky Elixir in a pinch.

6. Get These Top Resources

There are five materials you can use to help with navigating your game. Brightbloom Seeds make it easier to see in the dark. These seeds are common in caves and should be a priority during exploration.

Bomb Flowers are among the best tools you can use for blasting. You need to check out the caves more often to find them.

Flame Fruit, Ice Fruit, and Spicy Peppers are perfect ingredients for weather protection recipes. These foods are ideal for elemental arrows that do their job well.

7. Get Zonai Devices When Possible

Zonai Devices are easy to stock up on when you find a Zonai Dispenser. You’re in good shape if you get a few at a time.

These devices will do the job for you when you can’t access a cave or get stuck on one of the game puzzles. If you’re defeated, the construction from your Zonai Device will reset.


Due to the (vast) open nature of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, the journey can be widely different for two players playing the game. So skip the session of Sunday Night Football this weekend, get into Link’s shoes instead and spend some time exploring the world of Hyrule. We bet that you will be able to discover something new every time.

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