A New Lego Star Wars Game Is In Development

Posted on April 16, 2019 by Nick Moreno

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As many are aware, the Star Wars Celebration took place this past weekend in Chicago which gave fans some insight on the upcoming film that will be releasing later this year as well as providing the first glimpse of the long awaited Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order from Respawn Entertainment. Amid the event’s planned announcements, one might have slipped accidentally revealing a possible Lego Star Wars to be in development.

During The Star Wars Show Live! which was being livestreamed during the event, series-known persona Matthew Wood might have leaked a new title from Traveller’s Tales revolving around the Star Wars Universe in an interview.

The Supervising Sound Editor while discussing the coming content for the George Lucas franchise added on to his tangent of shows by unintentionally announcing a Lego Star Wars game to be in the works.

“So many things we’re doing right now,” Wood shares in the interview. “We’ve got Mandalorian happening, of course Episode Nine happening, there’s a Lego Star Wars game we’re working on.”

Looking at what Wood briefly shared, it is unsure what exactly will come from the unannounced Star Wars-themed Lego title if it will follow the standard formula of translating the upcoming film along with The Last Jedi into a Lego adventure as one bundle like previously or break off with a new title altogether similar to Lego Batman: DC Villains.

Previously, I discussed the importance of Lego titles and their diverse ways of laying out a game with Warner Bros. endless arsenal of licensed worlds at their disposal. You can read the piece here.

Do you think the new Lego Star Wars title will bring anything new or just adapt both Episode VIII & XI?

Source: Eurogamer

Matthew Wood randomly said that he is working on new Lego Star Wars game. from StarWarsLeaks

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