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A New Punch-Out Game Possibly In The Making, According To Mike Tyson

For figures outside of the video game industry, those might not understand the more hush-hush practice that developers and publishers follow when an upcoming project is in the making until it is ready for a proper reveal. But sometimes titles will slip up in lesser than expected manners that might have not been intended.

As we’ve already witnessed from major retailers like Wal-Mart and now more recently with Best Buy, it seems that the next major leak comes from former professional Boxer Mike Tyson as he shares his disbelief of an alleged Punch-Out being in the making.

Tyson on Twitter stating that Nintendo is currently developing a new installment for 1983 series and that the company went ahead on the unannounced project “without even contacting me”. As of writing this, there is no word on if there is a new title in the making.

Looking at the recent addition to the NES library for Nintendo Switch Online with Punch-Out!! Featuring Mr. Dream, Tyson could have took the news as an announcement for a new title if anything. Since developer Next Level Games who brought the game to the Wii are currently working on Luigi’s Mansion 3, there is less of a chance that a new game could be coming anytime soon.

Possibly Tyson did actually hear about a new game and is unaware of how the industry tends to discuss new titles and potentially leaked an unannounced project. For if this is truly legitimate will be determined by official word from either Nintendo directly or from the studio behind the game?

What do you think about a possibly new Punch-Out if this turns out to be true?

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