A Plague Tale: Requiem Collector’s Edition Revealed

Posted on February 23, 2022 by Michael Boccher

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Focus Home Entertainment has announced a physical Collector’s Edition for their upcoming hit A Plague Tale: Requiem. It is available only on the Focus Home store and includes a number of excellent items for Xbox Series, PlayStation 5 and Steam.

The highlight of the edition is an 8-inch tall statue of both Amecia and Hugo wearing their main outfits from the game. Also included is a bird feather metallic brooch inspired by the feathers Hugo wears in game, a 45 RPM vinyl of the game’s soundtrack (composed by Olivier Derivière, three amazing A4 lithographs of exclusive artwork from the game, and, last but not least, the alternative cover for the game’s box. The soundtrack of A Plague Tale: Innocence was incredibly methodic and peaceful so Requiem’s score should easily follow along the same path.

In addition to the physical items, purchasers will also receive the Protector Pack in game including a Red Damsel crossbow skin for Amecia, 13 exclusive cosmetics for Amecia and bonus crafting materials.

We still have no firm release date for A Plague Tale: Requiem yet with only a 2022 placeholder, but we should hear more soon. Although it will be on Steam and PlayStation 5 as well, it will be released as a day one release on Xbox Series X Game Pass. Last we saw Amecia and Hugo, they were riding the wagon literally off into the sunset at the conclusion of Innocence. What awaits them now? Check out the alternate image of the box art below, with the main image up top.

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