A Remake For The First Resident Evil Is In Development, Report Says

Posted on May 15, 2024 by Nick Moreno

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For sure, Capcom has recognized the unilateral success that is the ongoing string of remakes for Resident Evil. Since the trend kicked off with Resident Evil 2 and now at the fourth installment, it is no secret how popular this approach has become. In January, it was revealed in a financial results document that Resident Evil 4 sold 6 million units just short of a calendar year. This resulted in the title being the best-selling release for the IP.

So looking forward, it is understood that Capcom won’t stop with just the three titles. In one investor Q&A, Capcom leadership revealed that the publisher is considering more remakes for the series. It wasn’t until the PlayStation Partner Awards that Capcom officially confirmed it will be working on more projects in that realm in the near future.

Now this week, known leaker DanielRPK on Patreon confirmed that a remake for Resident Evil – the original 1996 release – is finally receiving the same treatment. From @PRE_Alarabiya on X, the user gathered the information and shared it in a post.

The leaker mentions the starring protagonist Leon Kennedy will be playable, however, this only stands for the introduction. It is known from the original release that multiple characters are playable, but his tip on the project only mentions the exposition for the remake. Furthermore, the game is also prepared to release in 2026 according to the insider.

DanielRPK continues by stating that the timing for the game’s release is intended. Namely due to the thirtieth anniversary for Resident Evil landing that year. Additionally, other details surrounding the Resident Evil Remake corroborates with a tip from Dusk Golem. In that, the setting is told to be in Southeast Asia; taking place in 2025 in regards to the timeline.

Recently, Dusk Golem has been active when it comes to new Resident Evil leaks. The insider did press on new information for the next tent pole Resident Evil title. The user told that the game is nearing an announcement with plans to ship sometime in January 2025. You can read the full report by heading here.

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