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A Sonic Mania LEGO set is officially coming

Posted on February 4, 2021 by Tyler Nienburg

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The Lego Ideas program today revealed a couple sets that have been approved that were suggested from fans. A lot of gaming related sets have been requested of course and one of these requests was related to Sonic Mania.

The Sonic Mania – Green Hill Zone has been accepted by the review board of Bib Grannell’s idea and its been given the green light for production.

“We’re excited to collaborate with SEGA and Viv to bring one of the most iconic game characters and brands to life via LEGO bricks on the basis of Viv’s colourful and fun creation. Congrats Viv!”

The design in the photo is not the final product as that as a fan model to give everyone the idea of what fans wanted. LEGO is still working on the pricing, availability, and of course design.


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