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According to a leak, Eight DLCs were canceled for GTA 5

Posted on December 26, 2023 by Tyler Nienburg

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New leaks regarding Rockstar Games’ current games share new information about planned content the studio had planned for their games. One of the games featured in this leak is Grand Theft Auto V and some of the content planned included a Liberty City DLC among seven others.

It looks like Grand Theft Auto V had eight DLCs canceled over the years. Here is the full list of them (thanks Insider Gaming):

SP Assassination Pack

SP Manhunt Pack

SP Norman Pack

Agent Trevor

Relationship Pack

Enterprise Pack

Prologue DLC

LibertyV DLC

It would have been awesome to return to Liberty City in Grand Theft Auto 5, but who knows what will happen in GTA 6.

You can see all of the leaked information on Reddit.

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