According To Microsoft, Hi-Fi Rush Was A “Break Out Hit” For Xbox

Posted on April 27, 2023 by Nick Moreno

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While January 2023 is in the back of our minds for this year already, many cannot say the same for Hi-Fi Rush. From the developer for The Evil Within & GhostWire: Tokyo brings a new rhythmic, cell-shaded rocking experience to Xbox. As part of a surprise shadowdrop launch, many across the industry were swiftly impressed by the new Tango Gameworks title. By March, it was said two million players had experienced the game.

Of course with a well-received game making waves online, it posed the question if PlayStation or Nintendo Switch could see a port later down the road. According to game director John Johanas, that was not the case. If anything, PC was the only planned platform prior to the Xbox deal for Zenimax Media which answers for it being exclusive to the console. But, that raises another question if the game performed well financially.

Sharing a release on Xbox Game Pass and limited to only Microsoft’s platforms, there is many conversations suggesting the game performed poorly. GamesBeat’s Jeff Grubb shared insight that the title did not meet Microsoft’s expectations. But, vice president of Xbox games marketing Aaron Greenberg shares the game brought attention that the Xbox firm was hoping for in a response on Twitter.

The concern spawns from ongoing developments regarding Xbox’s first-party lineup. With titles such as Redfall already proving to be insufficient launching at 30hz on Xbox & the criticized graphical choices for Starfield, it is another complaint added to the list. Not to mention the recent acquisition block from the U.K. CMA for Activision Blizzard only further illustrates growing hesitation for consistent momentum at Xbox.

But how much does Hi-Fi Rush’s performance affects Tango Gameworks? Well, not that much. While the game did exceed expectations for Microsoft, the team is planning to restructure leadership at the team. In that, founder Shinji Mikami is to leave. You can read the full report by heading here.

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