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Activision Dropping New Maps, Hardpoint Mode, And Other Fixes For Modern Warfare

Since before the release of this year’s Call of Duty installment with Infinity Ward’s refreshing take on the Modern Warfare series, Activision pledges that this year’s game would be different than the others before. That this October’s title would be the first in a decade to launch new content for the game simultaneously on all available platforms, and it wouldn’t cost an extra dime.

Interesting enough, marketing rights for the AAA publisher has been what steered titles to success looking at how Call of Duty was marketed on the Xbox 360 last generation and more commonly associated with PlayStation 4 this time around. However, this new initiative would exempt any additional content from these timed boundaries for all players.

Now looks to be the time for the first major push of content for the game. Although Modern Warfare already received an additional slew of game modes just last week, this latest update will be the first to include new maps as well, and yes, you read that in plural.

Starting this Friday, all owners of this year’s Call of Duty will receive two new maps, and a fan-favorite game mode, Hardpoint. Firstly, the new map that will grace the standard multiplayer lobbies is Shoot House: among the other handful of game modes, the map will be the next addition to the rotation of settings. Moving on to Ground War, the addition of Krovnik Farmland will now mark the third map to the reworked game type, which is surprising to see already.

For fans who have been involved for as far as Black Ops II, Hardpoint is no stranger as the game mode has returned in several installments following the 2012 game. Atop with the addition of Kill Confirmed which emerged the year prior in 2011 with Modern Warfare 3, this will be yet another welcomed mode to the mix.

Excitingly, it has been reported that there will be a heavy path of game changing adjustments that countless users have reported since the game’s launch nearly two weeks ago now. One major fix being the altering of the 725 shotgun that we all have fallen victim from at one point or another.

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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare is out now for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.


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