Adventures of Pip coming to next-gen consoles & Steam

Posted on January 14, 2015 by Cam

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In a press release earlier today, Tic Toc Games revealed that they will be releasing the game “Adventures of Pip” in May 2015. After a successful Kickstarter in October 2014 with 164% funding thanks to over 2,500 backers, the game was able to be developed. The action-platformer releases in May 2015 on Steam (PC/MAC), Wii U, Xbox One, Xbox 360 and PS4 – precise date to be confirmed.

You play as Pip, an unlikely 1-pixel hero in a 32-bit world. Despite being born a block and nothing more, Pip never saw his size as a disability. Given the unique ability to absorb the pixels of his defeated enemies, Pip will have to master three different forms to solve devious puzzles, defeat the Skeleton Queen’s evil minions, and rescue the kidnapped princess.

Adventures of Pip will be on the PAX South floor (booth #1191), as well as at PAX East. The demo there will feature:

New environments: Temple to the Marshes is a crumbled ruin crawling with stone creatures come to life.
New obstacles: Take nothing for granted in the Pixel Kingdom. Meteors, flowers, and mushrooms can help you as easily as hurt you.
New enemies: Interact with brand new creatures in different ways depending on Pip’s resolution!


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