After Years Of Going Offline, New Fan Project Breathes New Life Into Lawbreakers As Online Lobbies Are Up With Creator’s Backing

Posted on April 16, 2024 by Nick Moreno

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The IP that kicked off Cliff Bleszinski’s new studio with Lawbreakers was a game that was overshadowed by other projects at the time. In Rectify Gaming’s review for the game, we wrote, “Lawbreakers is a fantastic game. It has brought back the arena shooter genre in a way that it needed to come back for a long time. […] This is a game I always have fun with and will probably continue to have fun with for years to come.”

However, the project eventually fell through the cracks as lobbies were deserted. At one point, the title was seen with hardly a dozen players on Steam at the time. What’s more, after other similarly performing projects from Boss Key Productions, the team officially shuttered later on in 2018. However, the game is facing new life as of this past weekend.

On X, reports of the game resurfacing reveals a new fan-backed initiative ‘Project RELB’ went live bringing the original game back online after five years of being turned off. Additionally, creator Cliff Bleszinski is giving a platform for the new fan endeavor by sharing the Discord and details for the weekend stress test.

“Even with all the issues seen during the stress-test our primary goal was to see if our whole backend could handle a large amount of players and it’s held up beautifully. Massive thanks to everyone in the team who helped make this happen and of course to the people who hosted servers. We’re really excited about the future of this project and we hope everyone else is as well!” one admin on the Discord writes.

Although the length Project RELB will go is undetermined, it is exciting to see a community bring plenty of traction for a game in a unique position like Lawbreakers. In a complete opposite direction on behalf of Bleszinski, he recently stated that he is stepping away from Gears of War more than a decade after leaving Epic Games. You can read the full report by heading here.

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