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Alan Wake Reappears Back On PC

More than a year ago Remedy entertainment announced that their 2010 thriller Alan Wake will be removed from online stores due to the music license for the game expiring. Players who own the game physically will still be able to play, and those who already purchased it digitally will still own the game after it gets removed.

Just recently it was discovered that the title will be able to be purchased once again on Steam. Microsoft has managed to negotiate the licensed music to be able to have the game return to the online store.

Though the title is an exclusive title to the Xbox 360, Microsoft did not publish the game for PC. Remedy both developed and published the title for the PC version of the game. For Microsoft to assist in bringing the title back to store on PC, the company might be looking at the bigger picture to bring the game back to the Xbox Store.

Other exclusive titles have met the same fate as Alan Wake such as the first two titles in the Forza Horizon series have been removed from the Xbox Store for similar reasons.

Alan Wake has recently been announced to get an television series from Dead Rising Watchtower studio Contradiction Films.

The upcoming title from Remedy Entertainment Control was revealed at this year’s E3 and is expected to release next year.

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