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Alien Isolation Sequel Possible Teaser For 2019

Posted on January 7, 2019 by Nick Moreno

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UPDATE: The teaser turns out to be for “Alien Blackout”, a mobile game starring Amanda Ripley.

Prior to the 2018 Game Awards, a rumor emerged that a possible reveal for the next Alien title will happen at the annual awards show. But coming and going, the announcement did not happen, which left some fans disappointed for a new title following the 2014 released Alien: Isolation. Now speculation for title based in the same universe is set to debut sometime this year.

Recently the official Twitter for the franchise posted a video teasing that something is coming this month which revolves around Amanda Ripley discovering the reasons for the disappearance of her mother’ ship, the Nostromo. “In 2019, Amanda Ripley will uncover the secrets it left behind — no matter what.In 2019, Amanda Ripley will uncover the secrets it left – no matter what.” Following with a “#January” pinned on the tweet for further confirmation.

This does not truly confirm if there is a videogame or not, but the “#ReadPlayWatch” hashtag does support the chances to be more likely. Previously it was announced that Dark Horse Comics will be creating a sequel to Isolation with the first edition to debut this month. Assuming that the comic will arrive first, then following later with a game, and then another film to top it off.

For when we might actually see any of the three wasn’t specified besides the vague January hashtag. Fans nonetheless will be excited and have something to look forward to with the future of the 40 year-old series.

Alien: Isolation is available now for Xbox One, 360, PC, PlayStation 3, and 4.

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