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All Might Is The Second Added Character Coming To Jump Force

Bandai Namco already revealed that Yu-Gi-Oh ‘s Seito Kaiba will be the first playable character addition to be coming to Jump Force this coming May, but leaving another two slots vacant for more unannounced to takes its place. Now coming from a sudden announcement from the publisher revealed the second character being added to the game’s roster.

On Twitter, Bandai Namco shared that My Hero Academia’s All Might will be coming “soon” to the game’s cast of characters.

All Might being the second DLC character coming to Jump Force is also the second persona from the My Hero Academia universe following the series’ protagonist Deku. Who do you think should take the third spot for May’s playable character slot?

Rectify’s David Rodriguez shared that Jump Force‘s “Spike ChunSoft and Bandai Namco nail the fighting mechanics and visuals to create a fun and fast-paced fighter” in our review for the game.

Jump Force is out now for Xbox One, PC, and PlayStation 4.

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