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Alliance’s Armada Announces Retirement from Melee Singles, Will Commentate and Play Doubles

Posted on September 18, 2018 by Colin Ferguson

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Fighting games just lost a legend and arguably the greatest Super Smash Bros. Melee player of all time.

Alliance’s Armada has decided to call it quits after an 11 year run of sheer singles dominance. In a YouTube video, Armada addresses his issues with motivation and fun waning from Melee.

In the video, Armada states: “The past year, when it comes to Melee for me, has been incredibly hard. I would say around EVO 2017 around that time, slightly before, I started getting more and more severe motivational issues…I love Melee, though. I love the community and you can basically say that the past year for me has been more, like, trying to find my way back. When I talk about that, I don’t really mean in terms of, like, results. I talk more in terms of, like, really really enjoying single tournaments.”

Armada goes on to say that he tried multiple approaches to get the feeling back, including going to a lot of tournaments in a row at some points and not going to a bunch at other points. He says that ended up being unsuccessful and states, “For me, I feel like if I can’t have fun doing it, then there’s no point in doing it.”

Armada is regarded as one of, if not the greatest of all time in Melee singles alongside Cloud 9’s Mango. Armada has been playing Melee since 2004 at the young age of 11 in Sweden. In 2007, Armada got his highest placing at a major, finishing 4th at Europe’s “Renaissance of Smash 4” (it is the 4th iteration of the tourney, not to be confused with the game Smash 4.) Since then, Armada has dominated singles and his lowest placing to date is 5th place (excluding tourneys he forfeited) at a tournament. (Source:

Armada is known as the greatest of the “Five Gods” of Melee. As a Peach main, Armada’s Peach set the bar for every Peach player in Melee history. Armada has a very all-around game, but excels in punishing opponents mistakes and missing very few edge-guard attempts.

Although he has retired from singles, Armada says he remains interested in doubles as it is more fun to him personally. He is also interested in commentary and has been praised for his knowledge and skill on the microphone. Armada says he will remain in the Smash community and may even try out Smash Ultimate upon release.

You can watch the entire video of Armada talking about his retirement here.

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