Alongside A May Showcase, PlayStation Is Rumored To Ship A New Astro Bot Game This Year

Posted on April 17, 2024 by Nick Moreno

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Although PlayStation 5 remains to be a competent machine in terms of its power and profitability for Sony, the console is to face a creative drought in 2024. In one financial report, it was revealed many legacy IP for the platform will be absent for the entire fiscal year – until March 2025 at the earliest. Instead, it is expected live-service initiatives are to take the mantle for this year.

However, there are other returning franchises with rerelease plans this year. Previously, it was revealed that Nixxes Software & Ballistic Moon are to deliver a PlayStation 5/PC remaster for Until Dawn. Additionally, reports also point towards Gravity Rush 2 also receiving the same treatment as well sometime in the calendar year as well.

According to Giant Bomb’s Jeff Grubb, the insider says more is on the way believing a new Astro Bot title is primed for a 2024 launch. He also urges there is a May showcase underway following the pattern of previous State of Play airings. You can watch the segment of the show below:

“I’ve been hearing multiple times now that there will be a PlayStation ‘something’ next month. It does seem like they are leaning towards some sort of showcase, they definitely did a showcase last May so it’s not too shocking,” Grubb says. “They probably do have a number of games to talk about and I’m ready to hear about it. […] Also, I do keep hearing that some smaller, first-party games, like that Astro [Bot] game that is still supposedly happening this year.”

Of course, the current roster still stands to be strong for PlayStation 5 – even if it’s not from the likes of PlayStation in-house. With titles including Silent Hill 2 & Stellar Blade, there is no reason not to be excited. We also reviewed the recent launch for Rise of the Ronin which you can read by heading here.

Are you excited for the future plans ahead for PlayStation 5 in 2024?

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