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AMD FidelityFX Super Resolution 3 Goes Live This Fall For PC & Console

Posted on August 26, 2023 by Nick Moreno

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In the age of modern AMD cards and the capabilities that can be offered, the firm is working on new software to generate the most for users playing with its components. Even more, consoles also use the same cards as well with both Xbox & PlayStation. And alike on PC, the software that rolls out periodically brings better performance and improved resolution all round.

One of the most championed features to come from AMD for its cards is FidelityFX Super Resolution (FSR). Previously, we witnessed the software officially roll out for Xbox Series X|S and was later integrated on PlayStation 5 as well. And now with FSR 2 already accompanied on most current cards at AMD, users are craving for an update on FSR 3.

At Gamescom during its presentation in Cologne, Germany, AMD revealed that FSR 3 is to ship later this fall – not only for PC, but console as well.

FSR 3 adds our fluid motion frames technology. And what that does literally generates frames for you in your game which can double and in some cases triple your framerate. And when you pair it with anti-lag plus, it can significantly reduce your latency as well. It’s pretty incredible what the team has been able to accomplish with FSR 3. So a couple of other things you should know: it’s still going to be open.

It’s going to be on Radeon 7000 Series cards, Radeon 6000 Series cards, and even older cards. […] Doubling and tripling your framerate on any card that can run it basically, ok. But we didn’t stop there. It’s FidelityFX Super Resolution, and AMD cares about all gamers. So we enabled FSR 3, not just to work on Radeon graphics cards; to work on any graphics card. And our engineers didn’t stop there. It doesn’t just work on any PC graphics card, it even works on consoles like the Microsoft Xbox.

Frank Azor, AMD Chief Architect of Gaming Solutions and Gaming Manager

Azor went on to reveal that select titles – Forspoken & Immortals of Aveum – are expecting support later this fall. But, the firm also presses new partnerships with developers & publishers has also been made to shoehorn FSR 3 for more games also. One of the biggest is with Epic Games’ Unreal Engine which is to certainly blanket support for a majority of titles.

One of the noted caveats from Azor’s statement is if PlayStation will support it. And the answer is it most likely will when it releases. Already, FSR is out now for console on both Xbox & PlayStation and the transition to the latest software is not likely to go in waves based off platform solely. So there is little worry depending if you have a Microsoft or Sony console.

What has you most excited for FSR 3 coming?

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