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Amnesia Studio Frictional Games Teases Next Project Through New Domain

Swedish developer Frictional Games, the studio behind landmark horror entries like the Amnesia series and the later SOMA have recently teased a new title through a newly published domain on the team’s website. When visiting this new segment of the website,, you will instantly be greeted with what looks to be an image of a light bulb that flickers on and off incessantly.

However, any further context surrounding this new project from the development team is left at a dead end as no further information can be gathered as of yet. Initially, users stumbled upon this new domain that was added to the completely rework of the developer’s current website. Stated on Twitter, the overall site was in need of a revamp for half a decade and the time had finally arrived for Frictional Games.

From what can be gathered from the new design of the website, Frictional Games looked to make accessibility of their previous work for their fans while simultaneously take advantage of this new opportunity to shed just the slightest amount of light on what is planned next from the developer.

The Helsingborg-based studio has been quietly working on something since 2015 with the release of sub-nautical thriller SOMA. But the team later on went to work develop console versions of both SOMA as well as including a Amnesia Collection which provides both The Dark Descent and A Machine For Pigs.

Aware of the vague overtone that is casted on this new game from Frictional Games atop of the new site that is currently falling into place for the developer, expect more to be released about the game later on. Assumably, some user will gather information through a convoluted puzzle that will open up enigmatic game wide open whenever they discover the key to this secret. But until then, keep your eyes out for more details from the team in the coming future.

What do you think the next Frictional Games’ project might be?

Source: Game Nation

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