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An Introduction to DOTA 2 (Welcoming New Players)

Esports is a Big Deal

Video games have already crossed the line and broke the stereotype that playing video games will not give a good fortune to an individual’s life. Everybody’s playing video games, that is why there is no excuse why you should not be playing. It can be also a source of income if you put time and effort into it if you know the basics and necessities. Back then playing video games was just a hobby or a pass time to enjoy it and play with other people especially friends. It can be also played alone if you want a solitary gaming and just want to chill out. Esports is now the trending side of the video game industry where everyone can be a professional Esports gamer and compete with the others to become the best or the champion in one’s Esports game.

One of the Best MOBA Games

One of the Highest-paying Esports game is DOTA 2 that is developed and published by VALVE which is available on Steam for free. Although it’s a free game there are microtransactions but it is optional like buying Character (Hero) skins, different maps, Music/SFX, and a DOTA Plus subscription that has a special content for gamers who will subscribe to it. There is also an annual transaction that was seasonal before and it features exclusive contents like, Certain Hero Skins are acquited when achieving a special quest done by specific heroes during the game. Special chat wheels with sound are fun to spam when playing the game but make sure your enemies and teammates are okay with it. Other exclusive content and items can be obtained when a battle pass is purchased.


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The Roles of Heroes

For beginners who will play DOTA 2 and a first time in MOBA games. Make sure to familiarize the map first and the items. Learn the different types of heroes that you will be picking. There are 5 positions in the game that able to win without any issues. Position 1 is the mid-laner that takes all the creep kills and there are no ally heroes that will help you always. Position 2 is the carry that is placed on the bottom of the map (The Radiant) and Top (The Dire). You will have 2 heroes on your lane that will support you and give a space to get creep kills to build items as fast as possible. The next role is the Position 3 also known as the Offlane where this hero will be a tanker or an initiator when a clash will take place. Sometimes, only the position 3 hero will go on the lane at the top (Radiant) or bottom (Dire). This hero will always be harassed by the 2 supports from The Radiant Team that is why being tanky is important when playing this role. The position 4 and 5 are the heroes that will support the 3 core heroes. They have the responsibility to purchase wards to increase the map awareness of the hero and to roam around the map for ganking. They must protect the three heroes at all cost even if it means sacrificing their own lives to make sure that their carries will have an item fast and can retaliate later in the game.

The Next Level Play

Once you have done that, try practicing some heroes for basic users like Sniper, Luna, and Vengeful. These heroes are not complicated to use and they are user-friendly. Famialiring with these heroes can help you navigate other heroes soon by using skills quickly and responding to any danger. This can also help your instinct to boost even further with the help of map awareness. Once you have mastered with these in heroes in AI match, it’s time to test your skills and taking it to the next level by battling a different people in normal match/unranked match. Becoming skillful player with the game will take some time. As time goes by, you will realize that winning is not enough and it is easier for you now to win. You will feel that you want a challenging match. If you are confident enough, then it is time to fight for a Ranked match where you will meet skillful players and as your MMR goes up, you will come across with the professional players as an ally or enemy. Therefore, be sure to practice and play together with your friends who are well experienced in this game so that they can aid you to become good at it or maybe become a professional DOTA 2 player.


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