An update on MCC and new Relic concept art

Posted on February 19, 2015 by Gregory Dawes

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Bravo has just posted the newest Halo Community Bulletin in which he has provided an update on the current state of MCC. He states that the next update which has been in development for nearly a month now is almost ready to be deployed and the next time they provide an update on the CU they will have a release time frame. Let’s hope it’s sometime soon. He has also stated that as soon as Halo 3 forge issues are resolved, they will be able to implement more Halo 3 gametypes and  custom maps in playlists such as the recently added Snipers as well as others.

Relic has also gotten some new concept art which looks absolutely stunning. Here’s what Michael Pedro has to say about the upcoming Relic remake:

The Halo 2 multiplayer map Relic is based on the concept of a lone, ancient Forerunner monolith standing amid a vast ocean on Delta Halo. While this new incarnation of Relic certainly stays true to its origins, there are several thematic updates which should provide a new experience in familiar territory.

  •          The mysterious weathered Forerunner architecture has been updated to reflect the aesthetic depicted in Halo 2 Anniversary.
  •          The mood and drama of the environment has been increased significantly; thick cloud cover dots the island terrain with dapples of cool shadow, while ominous thunderheads loom on the horizon.
  •          The island itself is revealed to be an underwater landmass of sand, rock, and coral that has been recently exposed by significant tidal changes.
  •          The UNSC have built a modular research platform atop the remains of the Forerunners’ ancient monument.

Ultimately, as with the other multiplayer maps produced for Halo 2: Anniversary, the goal is to add yet another layer of depth and mystery to what are already memorable, fan-favorite locations.

– Michael Pedro, Lead Concept Artist

Let hope this next update is the one we’ve been all waiting for.

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