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Analogue Pocket Launches Next Month With Units To Begin Shipping On December 13th

While the console market surely exists to be the prominent form of entertainment commercially, handhelds are proving to be excitement for a larger niché of players in the industry. While Nintendo does helm that element of the market, Analogue is grasping at the nostalgia with its self-named Pocket device. As promised, it is to support Game Boy, Atari Lynx, and NEO Geo Pocket Color games.

Previously, the handheld was promised to be delivered sometime this fall in October. But now well into November, plans did not fall into place accordingly. However, the projection is not too far off as excited users should get their hands on a Pocket before the end of 2021 according to Analogue. Shipments are to commence in December.

Due to the ongoing and unprecedented timing the global market continues to sit in, Analogue has pushed delivery to begin on December 13th. The process is to be ongoing with deliveries aimed to be received ranging from December 14 to December 30. Analogue does confirm it will hold your pre-order if unable to obtain your shipment during the holidays.

“We understand that some of you will be away during the holiday season and would prefer delivery in the new year. With this in mind, we are offering to hold your package over the holiday period and start shipping on January 3rd. If you cannot accept delivery between December 14th – December 30th, you should request a hold for your order,” the statement reads.

Recently, other unique handhelds face a setback due to the aspects related to the global chain shortage. From Panic, the Playdate has faced an early 2022 push in reference to ineffective batteries used for the devices. Now, users are expected to find their pre-orders ship next year as the firm replaces batteries for 50,000 handhelds.

Additionally, the Steam Deck is also releasing next year. Valve in a statement told that its decision is related to the “global supply chain issues” which affects necessary components being delivered to manufacturers. You can read the full report by heading here.

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Source: Analogue

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