Anniversary Collection Event Announced For Apex Legends To Celebrate Its Two Years Since Release

Posted on February 4, 2021 by Nick Moreno

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This week alone, new information in regards to Apex Legends is continuing to unravel from both Respawn Entertainment and Electronic Arts. As per the Titanfall developer, it was revealed on Tuesday that the 2019-released title plans to hit Nintendo Switch in March next month. New players on the platform can anticipate a double XP booster for a short timeframe to catch up to other systems.

Additionally, the publisher in its recent earnings call issued that the game is set to hit mobile devices sometime in fiscal year 2022. While not very specific, it does leave room to expect release by March 2022 next year. Atop of that, it’s the two year anniversary for the battle royale as well.

In a new trailer that went up on Thursday, Respawn Entertainment reveals a new event will be going live next week. Dubbed the ‘Anniversary Collection Event’, players can jump in to play a new limited-time game mode and earn new in-game items while playing. You can watch the trailer in the video below:

Fan-favorite Locked and Loaded game mode will be returning in the form of a playlist Takeover which replaces the default social game mode. “hit the ground with a full loadout of level 1 gear. You’ll have a Mozambique, White Shotgun Bolt, HCOG Classic Scope, White Evo Shield, White Helmet, White Backpack, White Knockdown Shield, two Syringes, two Shield Cells, and one stack of shotgun ammo,” the description reads.

Elsewhere to celebrate two years of Apex Legends, game director Chad Grenier gives a glimpse at development before the name was ultimately decided. He offers information on the events leading to the title we’re familiar with alongside screenshots from early prototype builds. You can read the full report by heading here.

Are you planning to drop in the Arena for the newest Apex Legends event?

Apex Legends is out now for Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and PC; comes to Nintendo Switch on March 9, 2021.

Source: Respawn Entertainment

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