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Announcing Rectify’s 2nd Mixer Charity Co-stream

We are excited to announce our second Mixer Co-Stream where we will be raising money for Extra Life continuing our already raised $700 from the previous stream. The event starts at 11 AM EST and will end at 4 PM EST all on our official account on

The giveaways for the event have yet to be announced, but we plan to have something for the viewers throughout the event. Now, the streamers during the event will be Tyboy, TheOnlyTachyon, ColdFoamy, and Sumtinelse and the game streamed will be Call of Duty: Black Ops 4.

This event has been planned by the management team which includes Daniel ‘ThinkDiggityDan’ Hartshorn and we will share more information as we get closer to the event.

Stay tuned for more updates!

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Tyler ‘Tyboy’ Nienburg released Rectify Gaming back on December 17th, 2013. He has been gaming for over 16 years and it all started on the Nintendo 64 and a little Sega. Once he touched Halo he was never the same. Feel free to contact the head of Rectify at [email protected]