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Anthem is the second best selling game of 2019

Anthem has been one of the more interesting stories of 2019 with major problems happening with the game. Such as the bricking of PlayStation 4 consoles and how level one weapons would be more powerful than a weapon from the end game loot. In the most recent NPD from February, it has revealed that anthem was the best-selling game of the month and is now the second best-selling game of 2019. This means that this is Bioware’s second best-selling launch title of all time, which is right behind Mass Effect 3.

This might come surprising to a lot of people as the game has been highly criticized for all the problems it launched with and rightfully so. Bioware has said in the past that Anthem would be their main focus over any other titles they’ve done before. There’s no question that Anthem had a lot of high expectations leading up to launch, but lots of fans were let down with how the game was working with loot and of course the loading screen problems.

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EA announced their plans this June for EA Play where they will not have a conference for new game reveals or DLC news. Instead, they will be doing multiple live streams for reveals this year.


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