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Apex Legends Has Hit 50 Million Players Since Launch

Apex Legends has been out for a month already now and the game is continuing to grow. In the games first week it hit 25 million players across Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC beating out records for battle royale titles. Today, the folks at Respawn Entertainment have revealed the game has hit 50 million players worldwide in its first month across the three platforms.

In the video they showed it revealed some interesting stats:

  • 158 Million finishers used
  • 1.23 Billion ultimates activated
  • 31 Billion pings placed
  • 170 Million respawns
  • About 16.5 Million deathbox graveyards found


As we mentioned above the game had hit a lot of members in its first week, but in just 72 hours the game hit 10 million players as well.

This month the company should be releasing its first season for the game soon and as of late there have been leaks of new weapons and legends coming into Apex in the near or distant future. We could also expect a new ‘hoverbike’ vehicle to join the game as well.

Twitch Prime members can still pick up an exclusive skin for Pathfinder and have until April 20th to acquire it.

Check out the video celebrating 50 million players below:

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