Apex Legends ‘Inner Beast Collection Event’ Offers New Limited-Game Mode, The Hunt

Posted on March 5, 2024 by Nick Moreno

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One of the largest gasps for Electronic Arts is the continued focus on live-service. And it promises to continue following this path with nearly three-fourths of its revenue from the business model. In part of the decision, it did pledge to see major improvements for Apex Legends moving forward as the Titanfall spin-off happens to be one of its biggest earners for the firm.

As a response to the new direction for the battle royale, lead writer Ashley Reed did elaborate that the lore for the ongoing story is to be welcomed with a larger presence in the gameplay throughout 2024 further ahead. Additionally, with the release of Season 20 – Breakout, Apex Legends celebrates five years since its release and shows to be on a strong path moving forward.

This week, Respawn Entertainment announced the ‘Inner Beast Collection Event’. It comes with new items to unlock and the limited-time mode, ‘The Hunt’. It will take place from March 5th to March 19th. You can watch the gameplay trailer in the video below:

“Look for Hunts, unique datapads with tracking data, in non-Ranked Battle Royale matches to discover and be assigned a Prey squad for you to hunt to their elimination—or yours. Hunts are available across the map and can be activated at any time during the match. Initiate a Hunt and let the tracking begin! Enemy squads will be randomly selected and marked as Prey for a limited-time. Keep a watchful eye as Hunters will receive updated tracking data while they’re on the prowl.”

“And tread lightly, your Prey will be warned once you’re within a dangerous range of them (~70m). Each time a Hunt is activated, another squad is selected to be the Hunters and a second one becomes the Prey. Succeed in your tracking for a bonus reward, but if you fall to your Prey then the reward will be bestowed upon them instead. Don’t stay still for long, your squad could be next,” the description for the mode reads.

What has you excited for the Inner Beast Collection Event?

Apex Legends is out for Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, PC, and Nintendo Switch.

Source: Respawn Entertainment

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