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Apex Legends collaborates with Post Malone for a two week in-game event

Posted on November 2, 2023 by Tyler Nienburg

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Respawn Entertainment announced they’ve partnered with the superstar musician, Post Malone that will bring a brand-new limited-time game mode and cosmetics for your legends. The new game mode Three Strikes will begin on November 7 and concludes on November 21.

Here are the features of Three Strikes:

Players will respawn one POI away from where their squad wiped with the gear that was equipped at the time of the squad wipe, including:

Armor and EVO progression

Weapons and attachments (except for mythic weapons)

Ammo, ordinance, and consumables

Jump in Fridays through Sundays for 1.5 times the fun with:

1.5x boost on all XP gained November 10 – November 12, 2023

1.5x boost on XP gained when playing Three Strikes November 17 – November 19, 2023

You won’t be able to play as Post Malone in Apex Legends, but the new cosmetic items were design with the musician. The cosmetics include Skins, Stickers, and Bundles for some of his favorite legends in Octane, Horizon, Wraith, and Lifeline.

You can watch the Event Trailer on YouTube or below:

Source: Respawn Entertainment

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