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Apex Legends Season 1: Wild Frontier Comes Tomorrow Along With Octane

Respawn Entertainment have finally revealed information regarding season one of Apex Legends. Tomorrow, March 19th, Season 1: Wild Frontier will be arriving in Apex along with Octane. The Battle Pass can be bought in game for 950 Apex Coins or you can get the Battle Pass Bundle for 2,800 Apex Coins which unlocks your next 25 levels for Season 1 instantly. With the purchase of the new pass you’ll get new weapon skins, banner frames, XP boosts, and more. There will be 100 new rewards with it and you’ll have the entire season to earn them all. You’ll also earn a Wild Frontier Legend skin, five Apex Packs, and 18 stat tracks for free as you play.

With each season comes a new legend and as rumored a ton of times before, Octane will be available starting tomorrow. The new legends abilities are below:

Launch Pad (Ultimate)

Deployable jump pad that catapults users through the air.

Swift Mend (Passive)

While not taking damage, Octane restores health over time.

Adrenaline Junkie (Tactical)

Move 30% faster for 6 seconds. Costs 10% health. Immune to slows while active.

Apex Legends is available for free on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC.

Will you be purchasing the Battle Pass?



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