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Assassin’s Creed Valhalla Writer Comments On Interest To Bring The Series To Brazil

Posted on April 18, 2021 by Nick Moreno

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In the decade plus adventure that the Assassin’s Creed franchise has evolved into, the series has grasped more than a handful of unique settings and time eras that brand the charm of the Ubisoft-published series. Now with the most recent release answering to the long cries from its fans for a Viking Age release, Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, players are surely hungry to know where the next game will land on the map – and the clock.

However, there is no certainty as to what the new game will truly be for some time. Although Ubisoft recently announced its self-names Ubisoft Forward for this June at E3, Assassin’s Creed will not be present. The firm in the past commented that series will continue to be on a two-year cycle and plans to continue that pledge.

But, that does not mean there is room for speculation. More specifically from Alain Mercieca, Senior Writer for Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, he expressed his interest in bringing the series to Brazil due to its unique nature of events and involved history, he tells The Gamer.

Personally there are many [possibilities], too many to choose from if I’m being honest. As someone who is obsessed with history you could get me excited about a niche group of warriors in a lost society on the island of Malta and I’d be ready to jump into it and make it pop.” I’m not sure about you, but I’d absolutely be down for Assassin’s Creed Malta.

An Assassin’s Order story set in the original King’s Landing prior to Game of Thrones’ switch to Dubrovnik? Too good to be true, in my opinion. Sounds fake. On a grander scale I do feel there is a rich tapestry of culture in South America that the brand has yet to explore fully. From the Incas to the Spanish Conquistadors, it is a very fascinating time. Though Black Flag did touch on some of it, I’m feeling more the Brazil region.

Just to reiterate, Ubisoft’s plans are expected to be solid stone for 2021 with the absence of Assassin’s Creed. Alike in 2019, this year will be free of a new Assassin’s Creed game. As to the comments from Mercieca, it is only excitement to work on the location and its history. Ubisoft has not officially commented on what its plans for the Assassin’s Creed series will be next as of reporting.

Elsewhere in relevance to Assassin’s Creed, Ubisoft earlier this month stated that the firm will be postponing the release for Assassin’s Creed Valhalla’s ‘Wrath of the Druids’ to mid May. You can read the full report by heading here.

Would you enjoy an Assassin’s Creed game in Brazil if it ever manifested into a full release?

Source: The Gamer

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