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At Least For Now, Ubisoft+ For Xbox Game Pass Ultimate Does Not Look To Be Underway

Posted on January 1, 2021 by Nick Moreno

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In relevance to what occurred back in November and later issued this past December, Microsoft welcomed EA Play for Xbox Game Pass owners as a free perk for using the service. So rather than purchasing both separately, Microsoft will offer the Electronic Arts program for free when either playing on console or PC. And compared to other monthly game services alike, the offer has still yet to be challenged.

However, it seemed that there is still more under the hood at Microsoft. According to Windows Central’s Jez Corden, he claimed that Xbox Game Pass Ultimate will continue this tradition with Ubisoft+ in the coming future. “I think this has a strong chance of being true, based on stuff I’ve heard,” Corden writes in a tweet.

However, while Corden is a reputable source within the realm of Microsoft products, another recognized leaker says otherwise. Twitter user @Klobrille responded by disclosing the rumor to only be just that due to the service being structured like Xbox Game Pass offering Ubisoft title on launch day.

But while the Twitter user does denounce the direct claim, he does think parallel to a suggestion from Corden. Both insist that the only way this would be welcomed is through a “Vault”-like structure similar to what we already see with EA Play. But for now, there is no plans for Ubisoft+ to be a freebie for Xbox Game Pass/Xbox Game Pass Ultimate owners currently. The closest reference would be the Ubisoft Channel available on Amazon’s Luna.

Another interesting note on behalf of Ubisoft+ is that the service also issues the highest tier version of the game as well. Back when originally dubbed ‘Uplay+’, the firm elaborated that the Gold Edition or Ultimate Edition of the respected game will be provided to those that own the service on PC.

For those who are still unfamiliar with the still fresh addition of EA Play for Xbox Game Pass, Rectify Gaming orchestrated a full list of games that the service offers on console already. You can read the full roster of title by heading here.

Would you take advantage of Ubisoft+ if it ever came to Xbox Game Pass?

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