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Review: Diablo IV

Developer – Blizzard Entertainment Publisher – Blizzard Entertainment Platforms – Xbox Series One,X/S, Playstation 4/5, PC Review written by Michael, with Rebecca assisting and giving notes on accessibility. Diablo IV, developed by Blizzard Entertainment, is the newest entry in the

Review: Hogwarts Legacy

Developer – Avalanche Studios Publisher – Warner Bros Games Platforms – PlayStation 5 (Reviewed), Xbox Series, PC I’ll be honest. Up until last month, I had never finished the Harry Potter films. I actually had only seen The Sorcerer’s Stone

Review: Cult of the Lamb

Developer – Massive Monster Publisher – Devolver Digital Platforms – Switch, Xbox Series 1/S/X, PlayStation 4/5, PC, SteamDeck (Reviewed) It’s official; I am the newest Cult of the Lamb member! There is just so much to love about it, and

Review: Fobia St. Dinfna Hotel

Developer – Pulsatrix Studios Publisher – Maximum Games Platforms – Xbox Series 1/S/X, PlayStation 4/5, PC (Reviewed) Fobia St. Dinfna Hotel is a new horror game that revolves around a mysterious hotel where things aren’t always what they seem. You

Review: Ikai

Developer – Endflame Publisher – PM Studios Platform – Nintendo Switch, Playstation 4/5, Xbox One/S/X, PC (Reviewed) Ikai is a psychological horror game by the new Barcelonian developer Endflame. This team of three worked together on projects while at their

Review in Progress: Elden Ring

Developer – FromSoftware Inc. Publisher – Bandi Namco Platforms – Playstation 4, Xbox Series X and Series S, Xbox One, Playstation 5, and Microsoft Windows (Reviewed) I love watching fantasy movies such as Hallmark’s Merlin, The Neverending Story, Brotherhood of