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New Job Listed For Gearbox Typo Finder

Following the current discovery of the single-letter typo that made the AI better for Aliens: Colonial Marines, developer Gearbox poked fun at the situation. The developer went to twitter posting the new job on their Twitter for those who might

Mario Kart Hot Wheels Announced

A new line of Mario collectible has been announced to be debut at San Diego Comic Con, and this time it’s Hot Wheels cars. These new Hot Wheels are based on Mario Kart racers and will feature a list of

A Tingle Horror Game Could Have Happened

Side titles that expand on characters are always a fun take on the world you already love, Nintendo has experimented and have seen success of this with Luigi’s Mansion. But now discovered that there was on that almost could have

Rogue Trooper Movie Teased By Warcraft Director

Rebellion last year announced a remaster for Rogue Trooper, fans of the videogame adaptation of IPC Media’s comic were eager to return to Nu Earth on current-gen consoles. The game released in Fall of 2017, getting received above average. Just