Review: Marvel’s Spider-Man 2

Developer – Insomniac Games Publisher – PlayStation Platforms – PlayStation 5 (reviewed) It’s that time once again. That time where we put down the latest movie or episode of the MCU, close any comic books you might have laid around,

Review: Aliens Dark Descent

Aliens Dark Descent takes a fresh approach to the Alien franchise in the realm of video games. While the series has seen both terrifying brilliance and action-packed gameplay in titles like Alien Isolation and Alien: Fireteam Elite, this game ventures

Review: Redfall

Developer – Arkane Publisher – Bethesda Platforms – PC, Xbox Series S|X The basic premise of Redfall revolves around an unusual and dangerous situation in the town of Redfall, Massachusetts. The town, once known for its idyllic charm and quaint

Review: Wild Hearts

Developer – Koei Tecmo Publisher – Electronic Arts Platforms – PC, Xbox Series S|X, PlayStation 5 Deutsche Rezension geschrieben von Rebecca Ellis. In der Gaming-Welt gibt es Titel, die ein ganzes Genre dominieren, so wie Monster Hunter das Koop-Monsterjagd-Genre beherrscht.

Review: Terra Nil

Developer – Free Lives Publisher – Devolver Digital Platforms – PC Terra Nil is a unique strategy game developed by Free Lives, which presents players with the task of restoring a barren, lifeless world to its former glory. The game

Review: Tchia

Developer – Awaceb Publisher – Awaceb, Kepler Interactive Platforms – PS4, PS5, PC (Reviewed) The opening of Tchia was a fantastic introduction to a world full of charm, intrigue, and a fun, colorful gameplay space. You play as young Tchia,

Review: Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty

Developer –Team Ninja Publisher – Koei Tecmo Platforms – PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series S|X, PC Die Nioh-Titel waren großartige Spiele des Entwicklers Team Ninja. Die Mischung aus Charakter-Action und bestrafendem Schwierigkeitsgrad sorgte für ein einzigartiges Action-Erlebnis, das es

Review: Atomic Heart

Developer – Mundfish Publisher – Focus Entertainment Platforms – PC – Reviewed, PlayStation, Xbox Atomic Heart is a first-person action adventure in alternative Russia propaganda-soaked insanity that follows a mysterious protagonist and his increasingly poor opinion of robots. You must