Review: The Outlast Trials

Developer – Red Barrels Publisher – Red Barrels Platforms – PS5, Xbox Series X|S, PC (reviewed) Review copy given by publisher The Outlast series is known for its bone-chilling horror, with danger lurking around the corner. The environments are dark,

How To Get Paldium Fragments in Palworld

Paldium Fragments are used to craft Pal Spheres and other important facilities in Palworld. When you start the game, it can be difficult to start catching Pals because Paldium Fragments aren’t nearby. You must go out and find Paldium Fragments

Review: Pikmin 4

Developer – Nintendo Publisher – Nintendo Platforms – Nintendo Switch (reviewed) Review copy given by publisher Normally Pikmin adventures put you in the shoes of Captain Olimar as he explores a new world. This time, you play as a new

Review: Life of Delta

Developer – Daedalic Entertainment Publisher – Daedalic Entertainment Platforms – Nintendo Switch, PC, PS5 (reviewed) Review copy given by publisher How far will you go in a post-apocalyptic world to find your loved one? Life of Delta answers this question