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The Cartographer’s Gift

The Cartographer’s Gift update for Halo 5 has dropped today, which brings its arrival in seasons.  For those who are not familiar on how Seasons work, they are a new competitive feature for Arena, which gives the player the opportunity

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Pay to Level-Up is Now Available in Destiny

Destiny players can now pay real money to boost their character(s) up to level 25 in Destiny. The microtransactions had just appeared at the French PlayStation Store. The three packs available (one per Guardian class) contains a single item which will

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Nintendo Files Patent That Has No Disk Drive

A recently discovered patent of Nintendo from  Neogaf  details a game system that will apparently lack a disk-drive.  Whether it has something to do with codename NX or not, it still remains to be unknown. Nintendo filed its applicant with the

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