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Avoiding Copyright Issues When Streaming On Twitch

Posted on February 17, 2021 by Guest Post

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It’s no secret that websites like Twitch and YouTube have had to take a hard stance on copyright issues in recent years. While most of their users are happy to follow the rules, there are a select few who will blatantly rip off other people’s content to improve their own following. Without teams large enough to police this, streaming platforms have resorted to using AI to detect potential copyright infringement, and this can land creators in a lot of trouble. To help you out with this on your own stream, this post will be exploring some of the best ways to make sure that you don’t get caught out with this.


It can be very hard to understand your rights when it comes to playing music on a platform like Twitch. Some creators will make content using music you know you’ve heard before, but you will probably be aware that you can’t use other people’s music without permission. Twitch Music services can solve this problem for you, providing you with music that you can play over your stream that won’t trigger any copyright warnings. This ensures that each of your streams is conducted legally, while also making it easier to keep your viewers entertained when you aren’t talking. It’s important to keep in mind that simply singing a song can be enough to trigger a copyright strike.


Alongside music, it’s also worth being careful when it comes to the videos you play on your stream. It is common for people to share content like this when they are streaming, but much of the video content around the web is protected by copyright law. Streaming from your Netflix account, for example, is a fast way to get yourself completely banned from using Twitch. It’s always worth avoiding playing video unless you know you have the rights to, with even royalty-free options forcing you to include credit to the original creator. People often get into trouble when they overlook these rules.

What To Do If You Get A Strike

Handling a copyright strike can be a daunting prospect for someone new to content creation. Thankfully, though, if you’ve followed the rules and avoided the wrong sort of content, you can easily get around this issue and fight back against the claim. If you’ve done something wrong, you will have to follow the instructions provided by Twitch and remove the content from your channel. Of course, if this happens more than once, you can expect the reaction from moderators to get stricter, and this could make it harder to share content in the future.

With all of this in mind, you should be feeling ready to take on the challenge of running a Twitch stream without having to deal with issues like copyright infringement. If this is something you are very concerned about, it could be worth seeking legal advice or permission before you decide to share other people’s content online.

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