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Back4Blood Releases June 22, 2021

Posted on December 10, 2020 by Tyler Nienburg

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The Game Awards is off to a hot start with Sephiroth joining Super Smash Bros. Ultimate and The Initiative giving us a tease of a new Perfect Dark game they’re working on. 

Turtle Rock Studios made a surprise visit to the show with a new trailer for its new upcoming title, Back4Blood and not only did we get a trailer we got to see official gameplay. If you played the Left 4 Dead series this game will take you back in time from when you first played that series. It has its similarities and if are just a fan of killing zombies, Back4Blood will be just for you.

Back4Blood is confirmed  to release June 22, 2021 and it’s tough to say specifically what platforms it will be available on right now. Sign-ups for the Pre-Alpha will be available on December 17th as well as a gameplay stream on Twitch.

Turtle Rock Studios is a team that is formerly known for working on the Left 4 Dead franchise as well as Evolve. 

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