Baseball Riot is 10tons third game coming to Xbox One next month

Posted on November 25, 2015 by Michael Boccher

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10Tons. announced today Baseball Riot will launch on December 9th. It will be coming to the Xbox One as well as mobile platforms such as Ios and Android and Windows platforms as well. It will be the developers third release this year with Crimsonland and Sparkle Unleashed preceding it. Neonchrome, a new shooter, will also be released next year from the studio. According to Tero Alatalo the CEO of 10tons, he stated that

“Baseball Riot is a fantastic sequel to Tennis in the Face, which has turned out to be quite the crowd-pleaser on consoles, desktop and mobile. Baseball Riot is slightly more refined in every way, and we’re looking to delight new and existing fans once again.”

Baseball Riot is a humorous physics based puzzle game where you play as Gabe Carpaccio, a star baseball player. During the game, you progress through over 100 different levels while trying to drink as much energy drink and take out as many villains as pobbile.  The gameplay is easy to pick up and play; the player simply lines up a shot, swings the bat and sees the ball knock out obnoxious fans, leery catchers, biased umpires and more. The player must bounce the ball of walls and obstacles to get the goons lurking behind cover.

The game features a three star scoring system on each level, similar to Angry Birds, depending on points scored as well as incredibly funny animations when you knock out an enemy.

In addition to the above platforms on December 9th, Baseball Riot will also be coming to other platforms early 2016. Take a look below.


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