Battalion 1944 returns FPS to World War 2

Posted on February 2, 2016 by Rectify Gaming

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If you are like me and think that the FPS games lately have been played out with the futuristic side of things, then you are in luck. Bulkhead Interactive has announced Battalion 1944, a new WW2 based first person via Kickstarter.

The developer is aiming for a more authentic World War 2 feel to the game, and as a result has stripped out all stat enhancement modifications from the game. Battalion 1944 will instead feature upgrades like clan insignia on uniforms, weapon inscriptions, etc for a more visually enhanced upgrade. Their reason behind this was to stay as true to the base experience of a World War 2 game as possible without losing the core essence of gameplay to games like Medal of Honor and Modern Warfare 2.

The team also had the chance to visit the real world locations which are included in the game. Similar to how many games are doing now, Battalion 1944 will utilize motion capture technology in Unreal Engine 4 and true to life sound. Weapons like the Thompson machine gun will have the same sound in game as it does in real life when it runs out of ammo. It’s all part of Bulkhead’s plan to return the FPS genre to the WW2 form it began with, while not losing the realistic portrayal of games like Red Orchestra.

You can team up with friends and create a platoon within your chosen Battalion. Become a recognized platoon within your Battalion. Make your platoon known for being the deadliest, most effective, or the most active platoon, receiving unique rewards and raising the bar of competition. There is no set limit yet on the amount of players that can be included in a battalion, but it will vary based on the amount of players in game according to the studio.

The studio is seeking $142,577 to bring the game to life for its expected delivery of May 2017. As of now, it is in development for both Xbox One and PS4 as well as PC.

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