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Battlefield 1 dev teases possible Bad Company 3 development

While fans are excited for Battlefield 1 which releases less than a month now, some people are wondering whats next for the Bad Company series. In a recent interview with Resero, DICE has stated that Bad Company 3 is on the back of their minds and has been for a while now.

DICE’s Lars Gustavsson said, “Yeah, the question of Bad Company, and will the boys return- it’s always in the back of our heads, and I think just like Battlefield 1 is a work of passion and the way that I think that we are extremely proud of all the Battlefield games we have done,” Gustavsson said. “Battlefield 4 is a dream for me as a game maker and how we handled modern warfare.
“But going back to Battlefield 1 and the Great War, it has been a work of passion in how we can capture it in a different way. But in the back of our heads, just the same, the question of Bad Company 3 and will we do it… who knows? Maybe in the future, it’s something we miss. So maybe someday.”

Obviously a Battlefield Bad Company 3 may not happen for a while since the main focus is to launch Battlefield 1 and keep it active with updates for the fans. Don’t leave out the possibility of a 3rd bad company.
What are your thoughts?

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