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Battlefield Hardline – All Warrants and Pieces of Evidence Guide

Posted on March 18, 2015 by Michael Boccher

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If you have been having any trouble finding the open warrants or solving the case files in Battlefield Hardline, we wanted to help you out. So, have no fear as we put together this handy guide for you all to ease your pain. There are achievements and trophies for capturing the warrants alive and many of them need to be arrested and not killed in order to find the evidence needed for case files.

If you find you missed some evidence or warrants at the completion of the episode, don’t worry as you can always go back and replay them. Well, we hope this helps you out. Enjoy and let us know what you think in the comments.

Episode 1 Back to School


Lawrence Kent – A “Red” Criminal. He arrives after Tap enters the school and splits from the group to wait at the bottom of the stairs you have to go through. Simply sneak up on him and arrest him to take him down


Ledger, Surveillance Photo and Box of Hot Shot – All three of these are on the 2nd floor of the school and are required to be found as part of the objective, very simple. The ledger is on the desk in front of you with the photo next to the printer adjacent to the ammo box. The Hot Shot box is in the next room before you speak to Tyson via the laptop.

Episode 2 Checking Out


Javier Rosado – You’ll start the episode and see two criminals in the lobby straight away. After eliminating them, you will be able to see Javier outside the door on the right hand side. He’ll have some buddies with him so be sure to take him out first to ensure he doesn’t run

Gary Volker – At one point, the mission objective is to get out of the lobby. While doing so, Gary will be below you at a certain point. This is the easiest point to get him as you can just jump down behind him and take him out. If not, you must wait until you go downstairs.

Evidence – 6 pieces

1. Shirt – right at the beginning of the level by the steps is a shirt on the left hand side. Scan it to unlock evidence.

2. Drug List – Stock room near back of laundry room you can scan the list

3. Hot shot – a box of it can be found near the laundry room steps

4. Tablet – Hotel Lobby reception desk

5. Answering Machine – desk in office next to reception

6. Hot Shot – found when arresting Javier on his body

Episode 3 Gator Bait


Luis Minguez – Pretty straight forward on this one. He’s at the boathouse as part of an objective with two cronies and you can take down all 3 at the same time.

Nathan Brown – Located at the sawmill. There is a large tower here you can scan enemies from and spot him in order to sneak up and arrest him

Thomas Bell – He’s at the Gator Farm and follow same procedure as Nathan Brown

Evidence – 12 pieces

1.  Bale – blown to bits as soon as you get off the boat at beginning of episode

2. Barrel – to the right of the bale at same location

3. Barrel – located in a small group of houses/huts underneath (south) of the gator farm. It’s a diff. type, chemical barrel

4. Map – hardest one in level. take the boat to the northern dock and there is tower right near you, grapple up then zipline across to next one and it’s on wall

5. Cocaine – In between the lake and sawmill is a tower that you will have to grapple up to in order to find it inside here.

6. Alligator – Straight forward dead alligator smack in the middle of the farm. Can’t miss it

7. Fanboat – same as the alligator, huge boat at the sawmill. Can’t miss it

8. Boots – in a small hut or shack like building on the right hand side of the gator farm is the pair of boots

9. Newspaper – found when you arrest Thomas Bell, it’s on his body

10. Envelope – at the sawmill there’s an office with the envelope on the desk. The desk is inside a cargo container

11. Note – at the sawmill on a big wood pile. Hard to miss as it’s locked down with a knife

12. Water – Near the sawmill is a group of small shacks and one of them has the water kit in it

Episode 4 Case Closed


Xavier Gonzalez – in the food court near the left hand side, easy to take down

Philip Evans – He’s easy to get and he’s at the warehouse. Once you arrest him you can disable the alarm as well that he’s guarding

Frankie Diaz – in the mall on the first floor

Leonard Miller – he walks through the whole mall with a bunch of cronies. As above, arrest him first so he doesn’t run

Evidence – 10 pieces

1. Cellphones – these can be tricky. All the way on the 3rd floor in an office on the left they are thrown away in a garbage can

2. Barrels – beginning of the warehouse at the back the barrel is against the wall

3. Stuffed Toy – 3rd floor office

4. Money bag – can’t miss it in 1st floor office as it stands alone with a #1 on it

5. Poster – right underneath your loadout box for ammo/weapons is the poster on the ground in the warehouse

6. Business Card – on the desk in the manager’s office top floor

7. Hot Shot – warehouse basement in the back on a desk

8. Flyer – downstair office it’s hanging on a shelf

9. Letter – in an office underneath the beginning entrance on a desk

10. DVD – middle of the warehouse’s main floor on a box on a shelf

Episode 5 Gauntlet

Nothing here, no spoilers though. Sorry

Episode 6 Out of Business


James Mun – Salvage yard behind warehouse

Ji Huh Oh – in the chop shop by the alarm panel which you can disable right after you take him out as well

Edgar Kwok – Right side of salvage warehouse near the stairs

Evidence – 9 pieces

1. Photo – On James Mun when you arrest him

2. Luggage – on a table in the garage, can’t miss it

3. Bianchi – front of dealership on a desk

4. Wife’s Letter – back office on a desk (seeing a pattern here, check the desk!!)

5. Detonator – near the cars in scrapyard on a bench

6. Album – corner of warehouse near radio

7. Hotshot – underneath overhang in chop shop by wall

8. Photo – Back office of chop shop on a, you guessed it, a desk

9. Bomb – underneath the white car in the chop shop

Episode 7 Glass Houses


Marvin Thomas – Getting exercise at the tennis court with a fellow cronie

Cameron Briller – Downstairs in the living room

Evidence – 9 pieces

1. Bunch of photos – in the gym there’s a hidden door with a board inside with the photos. finding this room gets you an achievement/trophy

2. Van – White van inside a garage that you need to scan. Can’t miss it.

3. Combo to safe – This is on Cameron Briller after you arrest him

4. Labels – Dining room office…………..ON A DESK!

5. Ammo – shelf in the shooting range

6. Tear gas – in a cabinet inside the greenhouse

7. Safe file – left hand side of bed safe is sitting right there. Use combo from Briller to get inside

8. Swat Vests – room in shooting range by ammo

9. Suppressor – shooting range in the firing bay

Episode 8 Sovereign Land


Jim Preston – Only one in the level and he’s surrounded by a number of criminals in the center of the map. You can take him down easier with a tazer since you don’t have to get as close or if you want to go all Maverick you can take the time to take everyone else out and nail him. It is, after all, more fun that way

Evidence – 9 pieces

1. Torture Room – inside a house that you’ll need to enter by climbing a ladder on a trailer next to the building. Right inside you’ll find it

2. Hotshot – in a trailer at the compound near the alarm. Pop open the stove and you’ll see it inside to scan

3. Phone – in the trailer you used to get to the torture room, next to the radio

4. Blueprint – right at beginning of level in a trailer, the one on the OUTSIDE of compound. Can’t miss it.

5. Badge – on Preston’s body when you arrest him or tazer him

6. Ricin – on the side of the map at the airport/airfield hangar………ON A DESK

7. Grave – directly across from the gas station near an abandoned building

8. Case file – bottom right of the map – southeast- trailer with it on a desk (this is getting silly now)

9. License plate – on the car behind the gas station

Episode 9 Independence Day


Derek Kelly – almost as hard as Preston. He’s surrounded in the lobby so it will take you a little while to get this done, but it’s straight forward. Divide and conquer

John Starnes – ALL the way up on the 19th floor. Can’t miss him but you have to be quick or he’ll turn on you

Evidence – 9 pieces

1. Drawing – on a big whiteboard in a conference room that has a gigantic bowl of fruit in it

2. Letter – office on the 20th floor reception desk……yes……….A DESK

3. Chart – Loading dock security office on the….eh hem…..desk

4. Books – Alley Dumpster

5. Email – Monitor screen with email on the screen, office 21st floor

6. Transfer papers – on Starnes when you arrest him

7. Photo – top of a cabinet right next to the elevator on 21st floor

8. Photo 2 – nightstand on bedroom next to bed

9. Website – you have to scan the URL that is on the laptop in the penthouse near the vault

Episode 10 Legacy


Craig Foster – Can’t miss him as he’s next to 2 exploding barrels. Please, don’t shoot them

Howard White – He’s in a large group near the roadblock

Lyle Feldman – Near all the small huts but he’s in the middle so take your time. Going right at him won’t work

Evidence – 4 pieces

1. IRS note – on a shelf (what, no more desks?) in the bar by the alarm (2nd one)

2. Fax – on the fax machine (I know, weird right?) in the alarm building, 1st one by roadblock beginning of level

3. Mendoza file – bottom right (southeast) building has a DESK (JESUS, SERIOUSLY?) with case file

4. Surveillance tape – Use the trusty grappling hook in order to propel yourself onto the roof of the mansion. There are glass doors that you simply can’t miss and the tape is on the……well…… I have to say it again……..?

We hope this guide helps you out. Once you get the surveillance tape in Episode 10, the achievement/trophy should pop up for you right away if you amassed all the other pieces of evidence. Let us know what you think of Battlefield Hardline in the comments below and we hope you enjoyed the game as much as we did! Good luck and remember, arrest don’t shoot because handcuffs are just cool.

Available now on Xbox One, 360, PS3 and PS4 as well as PC

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