Battlefield Hardline Beta Release Date and New Features Revealed:

Posted on January 29, 2015 by Envi

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UPDATE: The Battlefield Hardline Beta has been extended to February 9th for all platforms.

The release date for the Battlefield Hardline Beta has been announced today, and with that, a variety of features have been revealed, and showcased. The Beta will run from February 3rd until February 8th, and be available on Xbox One, Xbox 360, PS3, PS4 and PC. This release of the beta will be open and accessible for free online by any individual.

The beta will feature three different maps, Downtown, Dustbowl, and Bank Job playable with three different gamemodes.

  • Hotwire, is an adrenaline filled gamemode, which features the “Criminals” stealing a selection of marked cars, and trying to escape with them, while the law enforcement will chase them, attempting to re-gain possession. The gamemode has an increased pace compared to the other gametypes, and requires skill in driving and communication. This gamemode will be playable on the maps Downtown, and Dustbowl.
  • Conquest is making a return to the Battlefield franchise, and includes the same mechanics as seen in the earlier iterations. There are certain areas on the map that the teams have to capture, and hold for a duration of time, in order to earn points. After holding a majority of the points for a set amount of time, the opposing teams “tickets” will reach zero, and have lost the game. This gamemode will be exclusive to Dustbowl in the beta, and will use the Conquest 64 variant, preferred by the community in general.
  • Finally, the Heist gamemode [before GTA eh?] will be playable on the map “Bank Job”. In this gamemode the criminals will enter a bank vault, and control hostages, while the police rescue them, and prevent the crooks from escaping with the cash. This has obviously taken inspiration from the popular heist and bank robbery game Payday 2, therefore expect some aspects to be similar.

A new hacker mode has also recently been implemented, which allows one player on each team to have access to an aerial view of the map, control key environmental events and use gadgets to help the team. This mechanic is the successor to the Commander Mode, which has a high popularity in Battlefield 4, on console, PC, and mobile. This role is useable in all the beta gamemodes.

The beta will be available for on the 3rd February, however, pre-loading for Origin for PC has been confirmed, starting at February 2nd at 10am PST/1pm EST/6pm GMT. This means players can download the 10-11GB beta before the release date, and can play instantly when the beta releases. The Xbox One, and Playstation 4 versions will be from 10-11GB also, but no pre-loading has been confirmed at this point. The Xbox 360, and Playstation 3 versions will be below 4GB, so expect these versions to have a lesser experience than that of the next generation consoles, and PC. The next generation and PC versions of the beta will allow up to 32-64 players, and 24 on the previous generation. There will be absolutely no level cap for the beta of the game, so the levelling system can be freely explored over the 5 day period. No progression will transfer to the final version of the game.

This beta looks very promising; however the next step is seeing how these changes roll out and are received by the public. Due to the experiences that EA gained from Battlefield 4, Hardline will likely be a strong contender in 2015.

PS: Don’t forget to check out the new gameplay trailer here!

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