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Battlefield V launches October 19th

During today’s Battlefield V reveal, it was announced that the game will be launching October 19th. We also got confirmation that the game is set in WW2 (although we pretty much knew that at this point). The game will ship with Single Player War Stories, the Multiplayer fans have come to know and love, Grand Operations, as well as a co-op mode called Combined-Arms. The developers also confirmed that Premium Pass is gone in this iteration, and that all maps will be free. They clarified that the game won’t be pay to win, however, and even went as far as to say that there are no randomized loot boxes in the game. It is possible that they will have cosmetics available for purchase directly, but that will remain to be seen. They also showed a reveal trailer that gives us an early look at the game in action, check it out below. We will be seeing more of Battlefield V, including multiplayer gameplay, at EA Play on Saturday June 9th. We will also most likely see the game at the Xbox E3 Briefing due to them having marketing rights.

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