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Bethesda Adds Romero’s SIGIL, 60 FPS To Both Doom & Doom II

This past 2019 looked to possibly be the pinnacle year for the Doom franchise as Bethesda initially scheduled to reboot sequel Doom Eternal to arrive this past November alongside the original trilogy returning with modern hardware ports atop of the initially Nintendo 64 exclusive Doom 64 also being developed for new consoles as well. However, we later discovered that some things do not work the way we might have expected from the turn of events Bethesda faced.

One being that the highly-anticipated sequel was unfortunately pushed to March to give the game more time to refine the duller edges. And the other being the launch for the three ports of the original classics were plagued with issues that the developer had to fix i.e. owners being unable to play the game they purchased; which was later resolved at a later time.

Now that the unsettling turn of events have settled for the beloved series, Bethesda does have more to give regarding the recently-released ports. Announcing that Doom as well as Doom II will be receiving a slew of new features that were promised earlier this year.

In a new blog post, Bethesda goes into detail of some of these new additions that will be coming to the two titles that same day: for instance, the duo of classic games will both be getting 60 frames per second support so players can experience the original landmark titles to its full potential. Bethesda also patched in add-on levels & campaigns that were released for the game initially, including community conjured experiences: John Romero’s SIGIL is also revealed to be available to play with the new update.

Smaller additions that were subjected to the two titles lists quick save, a highly-requested feature that users who play on higher difficulties or want to practice speedrunning can now do so with ease. Other adjustments made are revealed to introduce a quick weapon select feature, improved level selecting, and the ability to tweak aspect ratio for the game as well.

Do you own any of the two games on newer systems?

Doom & Doom II is out now for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, and PC.

Source: Bethesda

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