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Bethesda Looking To Bring More Titles To Switch

With the Nintendo Switch expanding as a platform, more third party developers have a growing interest in getting their titles on Nintendo’s console. With Bethesda they already have three games on the Switch and have more that they would want to bring to the console/handheld hybrid.
The three major titles from Bethesda on the Nintendo Switch is Skyrim, Doom and Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus. Revealed in an recent interview by Gamereactor with Game Director Todd Howard, gives insight on what the developer has planned for their upcoming titles like Fallout 76 and the recently announced Starfield.
During the interview it was discovered that Bethesda has interest in bringing the most recent Fallout 4 to Nintendo’s platform. Stated by Todd Howard on the game coming to the Switch:

There’s definitely interest, [but it’s] not something that we’re exploring right now.

Todd Howard also said in the interview that they plan on bringing more titles in the future. For what is coming next to the Switch is undetermined. As Bethesda wants to expand their franchises on the platform on the Nintendo Switch, we could possibly see Fallout 4 eventually or even Rage 2.
Recently discussed by Panic Button CEO that the studio that ports the titles to the Switch is interested in bringing the first Wolfenstein: The New Order along with the standalone prequel in a bundle.
Source: Gamereactor

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