Bethesda Reaffirms New Games For Fallout Are In The Pipeline

Posted on May 30, 2024 by Nick Moreno

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In the greater landscape that is Bethesda’s Fallout series, the games face a new wealth of players thanks to the very popular Amazon Prime Video TV series that aired this spring. In one respect, Fallout 76 alone welcomed more than 1 million players in a single day. Additionally, older titles including Fallout 4 & Fallout New Vegas both faced an influx in users as well.

Even the TV show has brought impressive numbers as well. The peak viewership for Fallout when the entire first season debuted counted more than 65 million in its first two weeks. The show also opened up to the game’s canon as well. For one, Fallout New Vegas was officially considered part of the storyline. And, Todd Howard also noted that the series will stick to its American roots for future settings when new releases ship.

According to a new interview with Variety, Howard yet again comments on plans for the IP. When talking about the show, he lightly presses that Bethesda is already occupied with more games confirming a new title is prepared to ship at some point. However, that wait could be well beyond a few years, it is understood.

“The TV show, I feel like it took us 15 years from when I first started talking about it — but it was five years since Jonah and I first talked. And games take a good five-ish years. So we’re in plans for future games in this series, and nothing to talk about right now, but we’re always planning,” Howard shares. This is not the first time he has spoke on a new title.

When speaking to IGN in 2021, Howard did press that there are certainly plans underway for Fallout to return. But at the time with Starfield in development and The Elder Scrolls VI to follow after, it would be way out there for the release to be realized. “You know, we have a one-pager on Fallout 5, what we want to do,” Howard said.

Howbeit, following the success of the television series with a second season already greenlit, it is extremely clear that Bethesda has a gold mine it can tap into. According to one claim on the Xbox Two Podcast, Microsoft is looking for ways to ship a new game sooner. You can read the full report by heading here.

What are you hoping a new Fallout game will be?

Source: Variety

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