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Big Changes Coming With Anthem’s Day One Patch

For everyone who have been out of the loop, those who gained early access to BioWare’s anticipated Anthem have discovered over an handful of problems for the title listing from loading problems, glitches, and even sending players to the last level despite not progressing far enough through the main campaign.

Now Electronic Arts released the upcoming patch notes for the game which is launching this Friday, and is said to come with a handful of game changing fixes which should change the current view on the soon to be released title.

To answer some of the big concerns first, the Day One Patch will bring a major decrease to the amount of occurring prolonged load times, game crashes and broken cameras during cutscenes. These problems are what truly gave players a nasty taste in their mouth for their first impressions of the game, and seeing these problems being addressed and resolved prior to launch is a good sign seeing previous EA released titles.

Another problem players faced are how many treasure chests they opened counting towards Tomb Trials. These missions really ruined the rhythm of the game’s campaign as chests weren’t being counted for those in the squad collectively and halting player’s progression halfway through the game.

More minor issues that will be fixed vary from gear pieces appearing for the Primer and Detonator which conflicted with building your class, sniper rifles unable to penetrate storm shields, and even allowing Colossal players to revive downed squad members with their shield still active will be addressed in the upcoming patch.

For the full list of patch notes, click the link below to read all changes that will be coming later this week.

Anthem will be available for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC on February 22, 2019.

Source: Electronic Arts

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